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After sitting down to write some content and finding myself lacking inspiration  I got hard to work procrastinating and started playing with my website. One thing lead to another and I decided to do a couple of quick jobs on the website.  First Job was to implement Two Factor Authentication on my admin interface  and this is as far as I got .

Things Just weren't going to plan.

Cutting a long story short  I worked through some technical issues and after a while I got things working .. Silver lining is that this gave me the inspiration to set up a blog at to keep a track of my technical adventures and  to practice my content writing skills at the same time.

Not much progress today but hey every little bit counts.


After doing a bit of research today I figured that I may as well get paid to do things I was going to do anyway so I joined swagbucks, installed their browser toolbar, and set them as my default search engine.  By doing this I get alerted when sites such as aliexpress, godaddy and others are going to reward me for spending money with them. Swagbucks also reward me for searching using their search engine which is powered by google and bing. Its not going to make me rich but making a few bucks without any additional effort is better than nothing.

I also made the decision to start practicing my writing skills so that I can hopefully make  some money writing articles and copywriting.


Today I sat down and thought about the skills  and resources I already have at my disposal, and how I can start to use them to make a portable income.

Without much effort I came up with the following:

  • I'm literate,  I'm no  Arthur Miller but I can string a few words together into a sentence.
  • Having spent nearly 30 years supporting large scale telephone and contact centre solutions I have strong and adaptable technical skills.
  • I have been setting up and running websites since the late 90's and am proficient in creating web pages using html, php, and databases.
  • I'm proficient in the use of Joomla
  • Cooking is my creative outlet, I'm no professional but I'm a pretty good home cook and I'm keen to learn more.
  • I love woodworking.
  • I've had some success in the past with affiliate marketing
  • I'm proficient in sourcing & importing products.
  • I've had some success selling products on E-bay.
  • I've had some success selling products from e-commerce websites.
  • I understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO)
  • I have a good job which pays quite well.
  • I'm a quick learner.

Looking at this I figure I should be able to start making a few dollars fairly quickly while I start working on a longer term strategy to develop a real income.




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